React Native Udemy courses: 5 Reasons why they are worth the money!

React Native Udemy courses: Are they worth the money?

The first question I asked myself while starting to learn React Native: how can I get more knowledge? I started with free YouTube Tutorials, so I could have a solid start. After some weeks I wanted to have a more intense look and read the German book „React Native: Native Apps parallel für Android und iOS entwickeln„.

React Native Udemy:

Now I got to the point where I wanted to learn more and had a look into the world of thousands and thousands of online courses on Udemy. Are React Native Udemy courses worth the money? I searched for an online course in English and found „The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition]“ by Stephen Grider with about 145.363 participants, 37.120 reviews and a rating of 4,6.

Now I want to tell you why I think the course is worth the money:

#1 Cheap price

First of all one of the main reasons students like myself buy different courses are the costs of courses. This course costs just 11,99€ when it’s on sale (but this happens every two days on Udemy) and regularly 49,99€. The course is without big cuts, but with a high video quality and a very good audio quality and overall in a very good quality for just 12€.

But keep in mind that about 16h from this course are for the people who will use an old version of React Native, because the company uses an old version, etc.!

#2 Very wide range of informations

On 38h on-demand video you learn everything you need to get to your next level of React Native developing. You start by setting up your IDE and get an introduction to Expo. Then you get everything explained in detail from your first text element import to building and using an own Express API.

#3 Great App examples

In this React Native Course you build together 4 Apps and 2 Server Apps: Basic App for testing, Blog App, Food App, Run tracking app and the Server Apps for the Blog and Tracking App. In every App you go through different states of React Native app development like props in the basic app and states in the food app. Along the course we continue using a lot of these and getting deeper into how they work.

#4 Downloadable materials

While the course goes on, every time a big change is done you have the opportunity to download the source code of this specific episode, so you can have a look what you’ve done wrong while not getting spoilered.

#5 Official Udemy certificate

Last but not least you get a very nice Udemy certificate which proofs your participation in this course and you can include it in your resume or on your social media like LinkedIn.

React Native Udemy courses: Are they worth the money? - Joel Heil Escobar

Why should you not choose this course?

#1 Pace of the course

If you watch the course you should have in mind that you really need breakes. I was not able to keep concentrate longer than one hour and it cost me quite a time to watch and build the apps. Because of the range of knowledge you get from Stephen, you jump fast from basic React Native to complex state objects and apps, but if you like it then go for it!

#2 Just a few challenges and tests

I was a bit disappointed that you only had challenges and tests in the first few episode and chapters.When you get deeper it stops. I found them very helpful to see how I understood the different things.

Wrap up

Summing up I have to say that I found the course very helpful and I recommend it to everyone who is starting with React Native to build own apps. It has a better overall view and is better structured than any YouTube playlist I could found and you don’t waste your time searching for different elements which you would have all together inside a course.

After this course you should be able to build your first own React Native application and should have a good understanding and also be able to do your own research and know a bit better how to implement new features.
You can have a look here at my current coding projects 🙂

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